Faith At Work

Faith at Work, FAW, an Outreach Ministry Program of St. Christopher's enables us to offer assistance to homeless shelters, orphanages, disaster survivors, overseas missionaries, seminarians, and health clinics to name a few.

Faith at Work is funded by 10% of each year's plate and pledge.


Special consideration may be given to local programs in which a significant number of parishioners volunteer,
and/or a number of the Committee members are involved.

Consideration may be given to international and national programs.

Priority, however, may be given in recognition of the need to support smaller programs that do not have the resources of large national and/or international charities.

FAW funds may also be distributed to families or individuals in times of crises.

For more information please send us an email

Supported Organizations and Places to Visit 

Feeding the Hungry

On the first Friday of every month, a number of committed people of St. Christopher’s Church provide both cooking and serving dinner for nearly 400 homeless at the

Feeding of the Homeless St Christopher's By the Sea
Alvah and Betty Chapman Homeless Assistance Center located at 1550 North Miami Avenue in downtown Miami. Faith at Work funds pay for the food.The Islander News

Feeding of the homeless Deacon Miguel Baguer St Christopher's By the Sea

New Life Family Center 

New Life Family Center

In support of the Homeless

Catholic Charities New Life Family Center (NLFC) was created in 1989 to provide transitional housing for homeless families in a setting where they can stay together. The NLFC provides comprehensive counseling and case management in addition to housing and food. There are 15 residential units. Approximately 50 families complete the program each year and 70% move on to attain self sufficiency. The Center is located at 3620 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33127.

Our Little Roses

In Support of the Youth 

Our Little Roses Orphanage, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

An annual grant is provided for the support an orphange founded by Diana Frade

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about on Faith @ Work, please contact Deacon Miguel, or contact the office,